Comedian Kevin Hart being called a homophobe for exchange on HBO show

Kevin Hart is one of the biggest names in comedy. He produces films at a breakneck pace, which routinely open near the top of the box office. And whenever Hart comes to town on one of his many comedy tours, people come out to hear him in droves.

When it comes to comedy and making people laugh, the guy really can do no wrong, especially when looking at his box office returns. However, it appears that things may be turning against the funnyman, with the woke left now coming after Hart.

On social media Wednesday, Hart was accused of being homophobic following his appearance on HBO’s “The Shop.” Hart and rapper Lil Nas were just two of the individuals on the latest episode.

Of course, you’ll likely know Lil NasX who gained massive success with the massively annoying song “Old Town Road.” Following the success of the hit single, NasX announced to the world that he’s gay.

Ok. Fine. Whatever. But you see this is where Hart got in trouble, when as the topic of the rapper’s sexuality came up during the episode.

When the question was asked about Lil NasX and why he felt the need to come out, Hart said “He said he was gay. So what. Who cares?” And that was all he said.

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