Whoopi Goldberg blasts Debra Messing for attempt to blacklist Hollywood Trump supporters

Hollywood loves to preach love and tolerance and diversity and acceptance. However, it’s very rare that they ever actually practice what they preach, especially when someone holds a different political opinion.

Over the weekend, it was announced the President Trump would be holding a fundraiser in Los Angeles.

Now, for anyone who has been alive longer than 10 minutes knows, Hollywood is a notoriously blue place. Holding conservative beliefs in the film industry isn’t likely to make you many friends. In fact, you could likely lose work over it.

That’s exactly what “Will and Grace” stars Eric McCormack and Debra Messing were attempting to do when they demanded that a list of those who attend the Trump fundraiser be made public.

Well, liberal Whoopi Goldberg had some thoughts on McCormack and Messing’s disgusting attempt to blacklist people on The View Monday.

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