Faculty at University of Kansas wants Chick-fil-A off campus, says it’s a ‘bastion of bigotry’

Who knew chicken was so offensive?

To some of the left, Chick-fil-A is their kryptonite. They act as if they’ll melt if they come within a hundred feet of a piece of chicken from that evil fast-food restaurant.

Seriously, they’ve tried to boycott the place more times than the average leftist can count. But, as you can tell, their efforts have been entirely in vain.

So, knowing how vain and self-righteous they are, what’s one more attempt at using fascism to shut down an establishment that you may not entirely agree with?

The faculty at the University of Kansas want the evil chicken-dispensing restaurant off their campus! Several members believe the fast-food joint is “a bastion of bigotry.”

In fact, the looney leftists at the university wrote a two-page letter in which they said the organization doesn’t care about members of the LGBT community and are solely concerned about profits!

Yes, another day and just more fascism from the left.

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