Actress Alyssa Milano posts video of Hong Kong protests but there’s a problem

Many Hollywood celebrities, simply because people recognize them from a TV show or a movie, seem to believe people actually care what they say or think when it comes to current political matters.

Unfortunately, for a good segment of the population that is correct. How else could you explain such outlets as TMZ, US Weekly and other similar publications?

Just because someone appears on television and can recite words that other people have wrote for them, it doesn’t make them anymore knowledge on anything else. In fact, those celebrities who do speak out on our current political climate often show how little they actually do know.

For instance, Alyssa Milano recently tweeted out a video showing those in Hong Kong protesting for more democratic freedoms.

But these people are demanding more freedom and less government intrusion in their lives, something Milano seems to be vehemently against.

She wants government to pay for this, pay for that and everything in between. She’s a big proponent of the #MeToo movement which convicted people before gathering any evidence. She’s also not a fan of the Second Amendment.

Sometimes, it’s best to just keep your mouth shut. Should’ve sat this one out, Alyssa.

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