Liberal actors Eric McCormack, Debra Messing ‘demand’ to know who attends Trump L.A. fundraiser

Hollywood is the land of love, acceptance and diversity. Or at least that’s what those who inhabit that city constantly tell us.

Anyway, that love and acceptance was recently put on display by liberal actors and stars of “Will and Grace” Eric McCormack and Debra Messing.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that President Donald Trump is set to appear at a fundraiser in Los Angeles. And being that THR is one of the only two outlets those two read (Variety is the other. That’s only to know when show is being canceled.)

But instead of acting like mature adults, accepting of those who may think differently from them, they did they only thing they know: acted out in order to destroy.

Both McCormack and Messing demanded to know who was going to be in attendance at the fundraiser.

Why? Well, why else do they “need to know” who’s in attendance and what someone is doing with their money?

Two reasons: To intimidate those on the guest list in not going and so they can ruin the careers and lives of those who happen to think differently than them.

I tell ya, that much talked about love and acceptance is really shining through with these two.

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