Washington Post accuses Starbucks of racism over… name on cup

If there is any instance in which racism could possibly a motivating factor in anyway or associated with a story at all, the media will cover it.

In the latest instance of the media overreaching in order try and keep the racism narrative, the Washington Post has its collective panties in a bunch over a name on Starbucks cup.

Yes, you read that right. A national newspaper is upset over a name on a cup of coffee.

Anyway, the paper, on Friday, posted a story about a Starbucks barista taking the drink order of two Islamic men. As is typical, the barista asked the two men their names and one of the men replied, saying his name was “Aziz.”


However, when the man got his drink, the name on the cup was “ISIS.” But the man, who was obviously distraught over the incident, didn’t even notice the spelling on his cup until someone else pointed it out to him after they had already left the store.

Well, of course, the man being deeply hurt and offended ran to the media to right this wrong and The Washington Post felt it necessary to put two reporters on the story.

The store at the time couldn’t have been loud or noisy making it difficult for the barista to hear what the man said or it couldn’t have simply been a typo. It couldn’t have been that ISIS is actually a name. None of that ever occurred to the paper.

Racism is what the media traffics in. While they talk about how bad racism is, how much they abhor it and how much disdain they have for it, they love to write about it and talk about it.

Racism does exist in this world but The Washington Post writing and posting idiotic stories like this is simply nothing more than an organization hoping sell a few more newspapers and increase their site views.

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