Obama administration official says ‘coastal cities will be underwater’ if climate change isn’t addressed

Those on the left are constantly up in arms over the climate and climate change. It’s going to kill us all, they tells us over and over.

We must act now, regardless of the cost, they drone on and on. President of the climate change hysteria group, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, tells us we only have 12 years left. Or is it 10, as she later changed it.

Regardless of their specifics, information or facts, they want us to spend trillions defeating the evil that is climate change.

Vermont socialist and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders even proposed a multi-billion dollar plan to fight against the climate.

Now, Ben Rhodes, a former Obama White House official, is also urging people to spend billions or face the deadly consequences.

Perhaps he’s unaware where his former boss recently purchased a house?

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