Trump blasts Lawrence O’Donnell over erroneous Trump, Russia loan story

MSNBC is an entire network filled with commentators, anchors and even some reporters that dislike Trump and his administration.

Apparently, that hate is so strong with some people over at MSNBC that they are willing to run unverified stories that only have one source.

That’s exactly what Lawrence O’Donnell did when he ran a story about President Trump and his banking history when he claimed that Trump was only able to get a loan from Deutsche Bank with a cosigner. And according to O’Donnell, that cosigner was a Russian oligarch.

Well, turns out that that probably wasn’t the case and the far left commentator admitted to an “error in judgment.”

He later apologized on his show, claiming that it wasn’t 100% accurate and it wasn’t ready for air.

President Trump responded Thursday morning about story.

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