Beto O’Rourke campaign kicks reporter out of event, they wanted students to be ‘safe’ and ‘comfortable’

Beto O’Rourke isn’t going to ever sit in the Oval Office. Sure, someone may allow him to sit behind the Resolute Desk during a visit or something but that’s never going to be his office.

However, the failed Senate candidate continues to campaign for the presidency because……I’m not really sure but he’s still on the campaign trail.

On Wednesday, Beto made a stop at a college in South Carolina where he has trying to sway the young and impressionable to vote for him. But that stop isn’t without controversy.

The campaign actually booted a Breitbart reporter from the event. The campaign’s rationale for the ejection? They wanted the students in attendance to “be safe and comfortable.”

Beto’s campaign responded to the controversy by saying they love and respect a free press but decided that this particular reporter from this particular outlet needed to go. They also the accused the reporter of essentially being a racist and homophobic.

Isn’t this an attack on the First amendment and attack on the press that the media are always talking about?

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