Latina congressional candidate Catalina Lauf addresses ‘anti-AOC’ label

Catalina Lauf, who is running for Congress in Illinois District 14, is addressing the label that’s been attached to her, branding her as the “anti-AOC” candidate. Appearing on Fox’s Business’ “Varney & Co.”, Lauf says she loves her country and “I’m not anti-anyone, I’m pro-America.”


The daughter of legal immigrants from Guatemala, Lauf would be the youngest candidate to be elected to Congress, a record held currently by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Lauf has seen her popularity rise recently and appeared on Fox Sunday, where she talked about her support of President Trump’s immigration policies.

“It’s so sad, he’s not a racist, you know people like my mom and my grandmother and many other Hispanic Americans who have come here legally feel so insulted by that because they did it the right way and there is a process for it and you should be a law-abiding citizen,” she said. “President Trump is doing his best to protect the country and we should be enforcing legal immigration laws.”

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