Chris Cuomo: President Trump is ‘wrong in the head’ and ‘wrong in the heart’

Immigration is a white-hot issue right now and it looks to be one throughout the 2020 presidential election.

Those on the left and in the media continue to assail President Trump and his administration for his stance on immigration and how they’ve handled the situation at the border. They constantly bring up the fact that ICE has conducted a number of raids, rounding up illegal immigrants, the deportations and detaining families who crossed the border illegally.

However, what they rarely, if ever, mention is that the Obama administration was involved in similar activity. In fact, they deported more people and also detained people along on our southern border. But you never mind that.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo ended his show Tuesday evening going after Trump and his administration for being cruel, inhumane and uncaring. He threatens that President Trump is threatening to change our country for the worse.

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