Andrew Yang’s climate change proposal includes ‘giant space mirrors’

Look, I am not a climate change denier. I believe the climate changes, people have an effect on it and we can and do harm the environment. But I think it’s ALWAYS been changing and I don’t see how the United States can save the planet when other countries aren’t on board.

As Marco Rubio once said, “America is a lot of things – the greatest country in the world, absolutely. But America is not a planet.”

Andrew Yang, along with the other Democratic candidates running for president often propose preposterous things to combat climate change and the latest are giant space mirrors.

“Space mirrors would involve launching giant foldable mirrors into space that would deploy and reflect much of the sun’s light away from the planet. This method would be extremely expensive, which is why it should be investigated as a last resort. However, since we would be able to “undo” the mirror after deployment if needed, it’s less permanent,” Yang wrote in his proposal.

Giant. Space. Mirrors.


How do people take this and things like eliminating cow farts seriously? Come on, give us NORMAL and REAL ideas.

Yang isn’t exactly surging in the polls, but he is ahead of Mayor Pete Buttigieg and ranks third among voters under thirty. He’s also qualified for the third debate, so whatever he’s doing, he’s starting to build small momentum.

Let’s hope someone asks about those space mirrors to see if he can talk about them with a straight face.

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