SNL’s Pete Davidson slams UCF students: ‘You should f**king grow up, idiots’

Saturday Night Live’s 45th season is set to get underway at the end of September. However, before the show gets back into production some of the cast are using their time to complete some personal projects.

For instance, Pete Davidson is currently traveling around the country doing stand up gigs. Monday night Davidson made a stop at the University of Central Florida. At one point during the show, Davidson spotted someone using their phone to film him. This didn’t sit well with the SNL cast member.

Davidson proceeded to berate the students in the arena, calling them morons, idiots and threatened to stop the show completely. Needless to say, he wasn’t happy that they students violated his no cell phone rule.

Sure, his language his harsh and profane but honestly, he’s right. If a comedian’s material gets recorded and put out on the internet there’s no reason to pay to see them. Plus, if not using a cell phone was part of attending his show, then he’s right again.

Yeah, he comes across as a douche in the video but Davidson is 100% correct here.


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