David Hogg asks for his body to be thrown on the steps of NRA headquarters if he’s ever assassinated

David Hogg, founder of March for Our Lives and survivor of the Parkland school shooting hates the NRA. So much so that he wants his corpse to be thrown on the steps of their headquarters in Fairfax, VA if he’s ever assassinated.

He’d also like the photo of his dead body to be published and has created a hashtag for others to use if they die by gun violence and want their photos published as well.

“I’ve said this before but I’m going to say it again for the record If I die from gun violence I want my photo published, there will be those that say you are politicizing tragedy— They are wrong, not doing anything to stop it this violence is politicizing tragedy.

“In the event I am killed, organize, mobilize and get the Peace Plan passed and put my body on the NRAs doorstep in Fairfax, VA,” he continued.

Hogg is currently a student at Harvard and has proposed a “green  new deal for guns” through his March for Our Lives organization.


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