Comedian Dave Chappelle blasts SJWs, cancel culture

Dave Chappelle is a comedic legend. He took his comedy to places and talked about subjects that others didn’t want to or were too afraid to do so.

His program the Chappelle Show is still revered all these years later for his skits on race, gender and other often taboo topics.

But that’s what comedy is supposed to do, right? It’s supposed to make us uncomfortable, push the envelope while making us think and laugh. Lately, though, that’s been a major problem.

Today, anytime anyone gets slightly offended, they run to social media and try to ruin that person’s life and/or career. That kind of mentality has absolutely destroyed the world of comedy and in his latest Netflix standup special “Sticks and Stones” Dave Chappelle tackles this subject in the best way possible.

So real, so true.

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