People upset about mocking nature of ‘Monopoly: Socialism’

Monopoly is a game based entirely on the idea of capitalism. Sadly, in the last decade or so, the popularity of the economic system has waned a tad, at least with the younger crowd (Bernie voters).

Instead, they would prefer socialism. Let the government provide my health care, my education, my job and my retirement. Why be self-sufficient when someone else can do it for me!

Anyway, Hasbro has released a version of their popular board game in which they mock the economic system.

For instance, instead of collecting $200 as you pass go, you collect a $50 living wage and apparently mocks, universal health care, environmentalism, health food and veganism.

But of course, people cannot take a joke and are all outraged about the game’s satirical nature causing one person to go on a Twitter rant about the board game.

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