Cindy McCain: today’s GOP is ‘not the party of Abraham Lincoln’ or ‘Ronald Reagan’

Cindy McCain, wife of the late Sen. John McCain of Arizona, is concerned about the future of the country and the Republican Party. ABC’s Jonathan Karl interviewed McCain on the anniversary of her husband’s death and asked her about current issues that would concern the senator.

“He would also be the voice of reason in all of this, which is what we’re sorely lacking right now – is his voice of reason and his understanding of the purpose and the ability to be able to work across the aisle on these issues,” she told Karl. “That’s how we worked for so many years. And now to just close ranks and not talk to anybody, it doesn’t make any sense. It not only doesn’t make any sense, it doesn’t do any good for the country.”

She also said the GOP is nearly unrecognizable, but she’s hopeful it will “swing back” to what it once was.

“This party is not the party of Abraham Lincoln – that I’ve seen anyway – nor the party of Ronald Reagan,” McCain said. “We’re the ones who should be non-partisan and we’re the ones that should be working for the good of all.”

“I believe this pendulum is going to swing back,” she continued. “I don’t know when, but I just don’t believe that we’re going to stick right here on the side that’s just disruptive, and mean, and non-progressive in anyway.”

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