The Young Turks contributor: ‘America deserved 9/11’ and ‘brave soldier’ took Rep. Crenshaw’s eye

The Young Turks are a leftist Youtube channel that hate anything and everything even remotely conservative.

Is Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren for it? Well, then the crew over at The Young Turks are probably already profanely singing its praises.

They are also known for saying some truly outlandish and sometimes vile things. For instance, one of the program’s contributor’s Hasan Piker, while commenting on statements made by Rep. Dan Crenshaw, declared that “America deserved 9/11.”

How someone can honestly rationalize that 3,000 innocent people deserved to die, is beyond me.

But if that wasn’t horrible enough, he goes on to say that a “brave soldier” took Crenshaw’s eye and that he lost it because someone “f**ked his eye hole.”

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