Liberals actually upset Sean Spicer will be on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

ABC announced the lineup for their upcoming season for “Dancing with the Stars” Wednesday.

Former NBA player Lamar Odom, actor James Van Der Beek, model Christie Brinkley and former White House press secretary Sean Spicer are all apart of the cast.

But as one might imagine liberals are all upset about one particular person in the cast. Can you guess which one?

No, it’s not the recovering drug-addicted Odom or even former NFL linebacker Ray Lewis who was acquitted of murder. It’s Spicer.

One moron with NBC called Spicer’s being chosen to appear on the show “a slap in the face to every American he lied to.”

He went on to write:

The idea that someone who in six months made lying from the White House podium routine should be rewarded with a spot on one of the most watched programs on network television is an embarrassment to ABC and a slap in the face to journalists, many of whom work for that very network. It also sends the message that it doesn’t matter if you lie, attack the press or betray your country — if you’re famous enough, you’ll probably still be gifted opportunities to add to your fortune and boost your fame.

Not to be outdone, the New York Times was also outraged!

Others turned to social media to make their “hurt” and “outrage” about Spicer’s selection known.

Once again, liberals have proven themselves to be completely and totally idiotic, they also show themselves to be fascists. It’s apparently too much for them to turn the channel, no they must try and get Spicer taken off the show simply because they disagree with the man.

The show is for a bunch of washed-up celebrities trying to get their last few seconds of fame.

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