Donate to Gillibrand, get a FaceTime call from her

Kirsten Gillibrand is an absolutely terrible candidate. She epitomizes everything people dislike about politicians.

She changes her positions depending on what plays well in the polls, is incredibly disingenuous and is just completely unlikable. Granted, there are a lot of Democrats currently running for president that could fit into this category but she’s just the most apparent and obvious.

Oh yeah, she’s also run just an awful campaign full of dumb gimmicks and stupid videos. Well, the Gillibrand for President campaign has struck once again.

On Wednesday, if you would’ve donated to her campaign, you may have gotten a call from the New York senator.

I get it. Candidates running for office are always looking for a few extra dollars here and there but if you donated to Gillibrand hoping for a call from her, you’ve not only have less money but you’ve got other problems.


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