CNN’s Stelter says Sanders and Spicer’s TV jobs deserve ‘outrage and backlash’

CNN’s Brian Stelter must be an extremely bitter man.

On Thursday, the “Reliable Sources” host appeared on CNN where he said that Sarah Sanders and Sean Spicer’s newly-acquired TV gigs deserve scrutiny because of working for administration who has lied and misled the American people.

What’s interesting is how quickly the CNN host papers over George Stephanopouls going from the Clinton administration to ABC pretty quickly. It’s odd because Stelter accuses Sanders and Spicer working for a man and an administration who constantly lie to the American people, when Stephanopoulous worked for a man who was impeached for lying under oath.

Stelter then goes on to mock Spicer, saying that no one really goes onto the reality dancing show at the top of their career.

Jealousy, envy or whatever Stelter is feeling isn’t a good look.

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