Hillary Clinton believes she’s …..’100% that bitch’?

Much like failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate, Hillary Clinton clings onto an election she lost.

When she’s not talking about the good ole days of 2016 when she was told by news outlet after news outlet that she would be President of the United States, she lobs insults and critiques from the cheap seats.

Got to try and stay relevant somehow, right Hill?

Well now it appears the two-time failed presidential candidate is also desperately trying to appear hip.

Singer Lizzo tweeted out a video of Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democratic presidential candidates standing for the national anthem set to the tune of her popular song “Truth Hurts.”

Mrs. Clinton responded to the message but it appears that she’s not really familiar with the song.

The rest of that lyric is “I’m 100% that bitch.”

This is the kind of thing that happens when you’re trying way too hard to be relevant and hip.

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