Trump considering payroll and capital gains tax cuts

The past week or so, lots of talk about a possible recession on the horizon. If something like that were to hit before the 2020 election, it’s unlikely President Trump would win reelection.

However, the President remains confident the economy is good and says he may be considering tax cuts to help put more back in workers pockets, although a plan hasn’t been outlined yet.

“I’m not talking about doing anything at this moment,” he said to reporters at the White House.

He then added that “a lot of people” want a payroll tax cut, which he said “very much affects the workers of our country.”

“Whether or not we do it now or not, it’s not being done because of a recession,” he said.

In recent days, Trump has retweeted Vice President Mike Pence and RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel who also seem optimistic about the economy.

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