New CNN poll spells trouble for Harris, Buttigieg

From the outset, most of the media has been pushing for California Sen. Kamala Harris. Since announcing her campaign for president, Harris and Pete Buttigieg have both  received favorable coverage.

Why? Both of those candidates check off boxes in the media’s eyes. One is a black, liberal woman and the other is a gay man. Both also spout the liberal talking points.

If you could somehow combine the two into one, liberals minds would absolutely explode. But from a new poll, from CNN of all places, shows that both of them may actually be in some trouble.

The poll shows Harris with only 5% support, having lost 12% from when the polls was last conducted. Joining Harris at 5% is Buttigieg.


But what is likely the biggest surprise of the entire poll is the Joe Biden enjoys a double digit lead over his next close competitor with a 14-point lead over Bernie Sanders.



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