Trump not planning to dump Pence on 2020 ticket

President Trump confirmed that he will keep Mike Pence on as Vice President for the 2020 tickets. Rumors had been flying around that he may replace him, but on Sunday, Trump told press that he thinks Pence is doing a fine job.

“I think Mike Pence has been an outstanding VP,” Trump said in in New Jersey. “I think that he has been incredible in terms of the love that a lot of people, especially if you look at the evangelicals and so many the others, they really have a great respect for the vice president, and so do I. And so do I think most people.”

“A lot of the people, amazingly, they bring different names up and they brought a lot of different names,” Trump said. “That’s, by the way, standard. That’s standard. Everybody thought that President Obama was going to change Biden. They thought second term, he was going to change that. Everybody thought that, but he didn’t do that. But no, I’m very happy with Mike Pence.”


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