Jill Biden already urging people to hold their nose and vote for Joe

Former Vice President Joe Biden, despite being painted as a racist and too old to hold office, is still the front runner.

This thing is still far from over as Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and even Pete Buttigieg will continue to lob attacks at the former Delaware senator.

Compared to the rest of the field, Biden is definitely the moderate. However, in order to capture the nomination he’ll have to move to the left and is already doing just that.

While other candidates may be more inspiring, he’s likely the most electable of the bunch. His wife, Dr. Jill Biden, seems to understand that and is already trying to make that case, simply saying that people need to hold their nose and vote for her husband.

This isn’t exactly the kind of message that you want to have out there months before people head to the polls or their caucus locations.

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