Kamala Harris skips climate change debate to fund raise

According to top Democrats, climate change is an existential crisis and we only have ten to twelve years left before it kills us. So, since doom is impending, you’d think going to a debate on […]

Jill Biden already urging people to hold their nose and vote for Joe

Former Vice President Joe Biden, despite being painted as a racist and too old to hold office, is still the front runner. This thing is still far from over as Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie […]

Warren on claiming Native American heritage: I know I made mistakes

Most polls shows Elizabeth Warren now with more support than her fellow far left colleague Bernie Sanders. This is a pretty astounding fact given that her campaign appeared to be dead on arrival. From the […]

Rep. Ilhan Omar suggests Israel is not a democracy and not an ally of the US

OK, so Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Illhan Omar have kicked their anti-Israel movement up a notch. On Monday, both held press conferences in which they called out the tiny Middle Eastern country for their “harsh […]