Marianne Williamson calls for bump stock ban after Philly shooting

During a narcotics raid in Philadelphia, six police officers were wounded in a shootout while serving a warrant. Author/self-help guru Marianne Williamson reacted to the news in typical Democrat fashion – calling for an assault weapons ban and outlawing bump stocks.

”Prayers for police officers, all Philadelphians during today’s crisis. Time for fundamental break with past: universal background checks, outlaw bump stocks & assault weapons, close loopholes. Need personal, cultural & political commitment to peace – or the violence will continue,” she wrote on Twitter.

So who’s gonna tell her that President Trump banned bump stocks shortly after the Las Vegas shooting and the ban went into effect earlier this year.

You should really know these things if you are running for president…

The Justice Department classified bump stocks as “machine guns” and gun owners were told to turn them over to law enforcement or destroy them. Failure to do so would result in a fine or potentially prison time.

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