Kamala Harris: President Trump ‘has been tweeting out ammunition’ for recent deadly shootings

Recent deadly shootings in both El Paso and Dayton have left most people searching for answers. Most are wondering how and/or why this could happen again. Who were these people that carried out these cowardly and deadly acts of violence?

But there is a select group of people who are simply looking for people to blame: the media and politicians. And it’s not just Democrats who are playing the blame, it’s just that Democrats have almost gotten it down to an art form.

Most, if not all, of the Democrats have said President Trump is directly or indirectly responsible for those people pulling the trigger in Texas and Ohio.  On Wednesday, California Senator and presidential candidate Kamala Harris appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and once again put the blame on Trump.

According to Harris, Trump has been tweeting out the ammunition of hate with which the shooters used to kill innocent people.

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