Fear Mongering: Gillibrand says it’s unsafe to go to Walmart and concerts

I’ve made made it abundantly clear that I believe New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is the worst candidate running for office. She represents everything people dislike about politicians.

She’s incredibly disingenuous as her and her campaign have put out cringeworthy video after cringeworthy video. She’s played the woman card by simply saying that because of her gender she should get your vote. She’s also made the statement that she is the perfect person to educate others about white privilege and she’s willing to do whatever is politically expedient as evidence by her past support of and accepting donations from the NRA. Now, Gillibrand believes with her whole heart the NRA is just an awful, terrible organization that wishes death upon us all.

To her already long list of dislikable qualities, we can add fear mongering.

On Wednesday morning, Gillibrand appeared on MSNBC and actually said that it’s unsafe to shop at Walmart and attend concerts. This is a sad and desperate attempt to wrangle up support for a candidate who has next to none.


And what is her answer to her fictionalized scenario? She wants to disarm people. She just needs to drop out of the race and go back to being just New York’s problem.

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