Dem Tom Steyer announces 130,000 donors

There are still more than 20 Democrats seeking their party’s presidential nomination. At some point, they are going to start realizing they have no shot and begin dropping out, right?

Up until this point, only one has gotten out of the race but we can’t be far from a handful or more giving it up and going back to their life of screwing things up in Congress or the governor’s office.  The DNC seems set on limiting the number of candidates on the debate stage as they’ve increased the number of donors and percentage of support to qualify for their September debate.

One of those candidates who most people forgot was running or wasn’t aware of it in the first place is billionaire Tom Steyer.


On Tuesday, Steyer announced that his campaign has reached the 130,000 donors, the number needed to make it up on the debate stage. Apparently, there are a ton of people who have money to just throw away.




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