Female comedian: Men against abortion will ‘never know how good it feels to kill a baby’

Democrats, and more specifically feminists love themselves some abortion.  Dismembering an unborn child is a sacred act in the house of liberalism. They will march, picket and wearing idiotic hats to defend the “medical procedure.”

Putting any kind of restrictions on the act would and does result in a horde of angry, single cat women marching up and down the sidewalk.

But they couldn’t possibly enjoy killing a child, right? There’s no way they could get some kind of sick thrill from ending the life of an innocent person’s life, right? They don’t enjoy murdering and snuffing out a precious life, do they?

Well, a female comedian recently remarked that men against the act of abortion are just against because they don’t understand how “good it feels to kill a baby.”

Granted, she’s probably saying this simply for the attention and thinks it funny. But one has to wonder where exactly is the humor in such a statement.


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