Anthony Scaramucci says he’s no longer a supporter of President Trump

The turnover rate in the Trump administration has been breathtaking. Every time you turn around someone is leaving the White House.  If they aren’t leaving, President Trump is firing someone and then naming someone else ‘the acting director’ of whatever position needs filled at that time.

While President Trump was the star of “The Apprentice,” his White House more closely resembles “Survivor.” Vice President Pence better careful or he’ll be voted off the administration next.

Anyway, one of those who spent some time on Trump administration island was Anthony Scaramucci. While those who’ve left Trump’s administration have had short tenures, not even able to last the first term, Scaramucci outdid them all. He lasted a grand total of 10 days as the director of communications.

Well, now he’s not supporting the president in his re-election bid. Scarmucci appeared on CNN, saying he’s no longer a supporter of Trump.

As you can expect, Trump made his feelings known about the situation on Twitter.

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