VIDEO: Bill Maher, NBC reporter want recession to keep Trump from winning reelection

Liberals are getting more and more desperate as we get closer to the next presidential election.

They’ve accused President Trump of being a Russian asset, said he obstructed justice, called him a racist, a white national and a white supremacist. Now, they’ve moved on to calling those who support and donate to the president’s reelection effort as racists.

Now, they want the country’s economy to fall into a recession simply because they hate Trump. On Friday’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, the comedian said that he’d be perfectly fine with a recession because he believes it doom Trump’s 2020 chances. NBC news reporter Richard Engel as joined in agreement saying that he’d be cool with an economic recession as well.

An economic recession means people lose their jobs. Tell me again who is the party of the regular, working man?

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