Gabbard asked about Walmart and guns, liberals freak out over her response

Like after instance of violence, Democrats first reaction is to implement more laws and bans guns. They always propose such measures even despite a few days later we discover that the laws currently in place weren’t followed. But hey, more laws would’ve prevented it, right?

Again, it’s always awful and horrible when innocent people lose their lives to the hands of a coward. But just throwing more laws on the books to make yourself feel safer without any idea if they will help, isn’t the answer.

While Democrats don’t particularly like Hawaii representative and Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, especially after she went after Kamala Harris’ record as California attorney general, they have another reason to dislike her.

Gabbard, while leaving an event a reporter asked her what Walmart should do about guns, her response was a breath of fresh air, especially coming from a Democrat.

Why a reporter felt this was a question that need to be asked, I’m not quite sure. Perhaps the reporter doesn’t understand that Walmart is a private retailer and not owned by the government.

However, liberals aren’t happy with her response and honestly, their reaction shows more about them than it does about Gabbard.

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