Anti-gun activist went to Walmart and asked for ‘gun to kill 200 people’ to prove a point

People need to stop doing stupid stuff!! Ever since the El Paso shooting, there have been a couple other reports of armed individuals showing up to the store and threatening to kill people.

In Florida, a man upset a Walmart clerk when he approached the gun counter and asked to buy a weapon that could ‘kill 200 people.” Turns out, he was an activist trying to make some kind of point about gun control

Not a helpful way to go about changing things – all the man did was alarm people in the store and he even admitted it was in poor taste to do such a thing.

From the Washington Examiner:

A Florida man caused some worry when he walked into a Port St. Lucie Walmart and asked the clerk about a gun to kill people with.

Phil Attey, an anti-gun activist, admitted to WPTV the remark was in poor taste, but he was trying to make an anti-gun statement because he saw someone who looked like a white nationalist purchase a gun.

He saw someone who looked like a white nationalist???

The clerk said Attey asked him, “Can you sell me anything (or a gun) that would kill 200 people?” When the worker replied, “That isn’t funny,” Attey said, “I know,” and asked again if they could sell him anything that would kill 200 people.

Watch the interview with the dude below.




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