Writer says price of women’s hair cuts are ‘discriminatory’

There’s been some push back from feminists over the last few years about how women’s services and beauty products are more expensive than men’s, even though they are nearly the same.

Activists are trying to get rid of the “pink tax” and while I can see dropping the tax on things like feminine hygiene products because those are necessary items, it seems silly to me to protest because your body wash is more expensive than the men’s version.

Now, it would seem, the feminists are upset over the price difference in a women’s haircut vs. a men’s hair cut.

Never mind that women often have twice as much hair! And Eve Peyser is especially upset with that, to the point that she had to use all those clapping hand emojis!

These prices are EXTREME for any gender!! Not just men. Who pays $60 to get a couple inches buzzed off??? New Yorkers are ridiculous.

When people tried to point out that women have more hair, she switched gears to complain about how the services she wants aren’t available.

Maybe someone should check her privilege because nobody I know pays that for a trim. Color, cut and style, yes but not a wash and cut.



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