Joe Biden and supporters choose ‘truth over facts’

Former Vice President Joe Biden is a walking gaffe machine. It’s not a matter of if but when he says or does something that just sounds or looks really dumb.

Those on his campaign must wait in eager anticipation of the next Biden slip of the tongue. Much like President Trump, being apart of Biden’s communications would be one of the worst jobs in politics. You could never get ahead, but I guess you’d have job security.

While  speaking to a group of supporters, Biden was in true campaign mode as he was spouting several lines as he was building up to a crescendo that was likely to end in an enthusiastic round of applause.

But during his build up, Biden said something rather odd and rather telling about himself and his supporters. The former VP said he and those supporters “choose truth over facts.”

Whose “truth” do Biden and his supporters choose to believe? Is it my truth, your truth or my neighbor Bill’s truth. And why are facts such a bother to Biden and his supporters.

Regardless, I guess at least Biden admits it.

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