Geraldo Rivera asks why ‘almost 700 undocumented workers’ were arrested in ICE raid

Immigration is a hot-button issue and with the 2020 election quickly approaching, it has since become white hot.

Much like it did in 2016, immigration is likely to be a major factor in the 2020 presidential election. As it does with most issues, the left and the media are using the issue to hammer Trump, calling him a racist, a white supremacist and attaching nearly any and every other racially-tinged name to him.

In the recent weeks, ICE has begun immigration raids and capturing those who are in the country illegally. Now, there is a big push from the left to decriminalize the act of crossing an internationally border illegally.

Gerarld Rivera, a Fox News contributor, asked on Twitter Thursday morning why immigration officials would round up 700 undocumented workers.

But anyone with any kind of reading comprehension can tell that the longtime newsman answered his own question.




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