Trump supporters go to Maryland to help clean up Baltimore

Scott Presler, a conservative activist and founder of #ThePersistence, organized a clean-up effort in Baltimore following President Trump’s tweets.

The Baltimore Sun reports that “nearly 300 people signed up to come via social media” and some even flew in to help out the community.

One of the residents, Millie Jefferson, told the paper she was grateful for the help. “We can’t do it alone,” she said. “It makes me feel good to see that there are still some good people and good communities that want to see better.”

Presler wrote on Twitter that it wasn’t a Trump rally, it was a “Make Baltimore Clean Again” effort.

“We want to take this nationwide and show people we care. It’s in our heart that we give a darn about our community and let’s go all across the country cleaning up trash and taking care of America,” Presler told Fox News.

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