Jake Tapper tries to get El Paso mayor to attack Trump

No one enjoys the death and destruction that comes with these mass shootings but the media certainly appreciates the ratings that come with them.  For the next week or so, the deadly shootings in El Paso and Texas will be all that they talk about and all they show.

They will bash President Trump, Republicans and the NRA, saying they all have blood on their hands. They will say all of this while they encourage the kind of rhetoric where Democrats scream at and call Republican names and Republicans scream at and call Democrats names.


Because if a problem gets fixed the media has nothing to fill their airwaves for 24 hours. The media isn’t interested in solving this issue, they are interested in prolonging this topic and draining all the highest ratings possible from these horrific images.

On Sunday morning, CNN’S Jake Tapper had the mayor of El Paso, Dee Margo, on to discuss the recent deadly and heartbreaking events in his city that ended with more than 20 people dead.

During the discussion, Tapper asked the mayor if President Trump was somehow responsible for those deaths. The mayor, understanding what Tapper was attempting to do, didn’t answer how CNN and the rest of the media wanted.

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