Former CNN commentator wants ‘to eradicate’ White House adviser Kellyanne Conway

For a group that supposedly despises hate, the left sure seems to be full of it.

Over the weekend, a number of innocent people had their lives ruthlessly snuffed out by cowards in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Anytime such tragedies occur, it should be a time to heal and put partisan political divides behind us but that’s generally not what happens.

In fact, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway put out a message saying that unity and healing is just what our nation needs in the wake of the shootings. But instead of taking to actually put petty partisan differences aside, one former CNN commentator went a far, far different direction.

Conway’s message isn’t the least bit controversial. In fact, one would say this is the way actual leaders speak following such evil that reared its ugly head this weekend.

Reza Aslan instead made a threat on the life of Conway.

I’m guessing the Secret Service will be paying a visit to Mr. Aslan.


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