Sanders calls out Walmart for their ‘greed,’ wants employees paid $15 an hour

Bernie Sanders is going after that far left support hard. He and Elizabeth Warren are both competing for a similar voting bloc of the Democratic base.

In recent months, Warren seems to have made some in roads, cutting into some of Bernie’s support with the far left. Bernie has been swinging back and is again going after one of his favorite targets: Walmart.


Bernie wants to mandate that the private organization pay their employees $15 an hour, something Sanders has pushed for since his first run for president in 2016.

But what makes the multimillionaire’s demand of Walmart somewhat hypocritical is that the Vermont senator’s own campaign wasn’t paying their field staffers $15 an hour until they were call out for it.  But it gets better, after negotiations with organized labor (Sanders’ campaign unionized), they agreed to cut the number of hours staffers could work to make their pay to come out to $15 an hour.

Walmart is an easy target, so why wouldn’t the Vermont Democrat-socialist go after them? It’s unlikely the media will call out the multimillionaire for his blatant hypocrisy.

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