Lena Dunham tries to kiss Brad Pitt on red carpet

Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in . . . Hollywood” recently had its red carpet premier in London and while the stars were on the red carpet, actress Lena Dunham attempted to kiss Brad Pitt.

Let’s stop and think about this for a minute.

Pitt did not ask Dunham to kiss him. In fact, the photos are pretty awkward and he doesn’t look especially thrilled that she nearly landed one on his mouth.

So in this age of consent and #MeToo, where is the outrage that Brad Pitt is being sexually harassed by a woman?

Dunham has been criticized before because she accused a woman of lying about rape when former Girls writer Murray Miller had charges filed against him by Aurora Perrineau, an actress on the show.

But the liberal Hollywood crowd seems to be pretty quiet on this role reversal.

Dunham tweeted last weekend, “It’s not every day I get to wear a mumu, go barefoot, flirt with #BradPitt, and join a cult… as a job. Today @OnceInHollywood comes out. Get thee to the theatre to see this gem of cinematic history.”

Crazy how the standards are so different when it comes to men and women in these types of situations.

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