Michael Moore: Michelle Obama would ‘crush’ Donald Trump in 2020

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is still flabbergasted over Donald Trump’s 2016 win.

In his mind,  he simply can’t fathom how people upset with the status quo selected Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Now, while Moore and other liberals didn’t seem to take Trump nearly as seriously last time around, are changing their tune. Moore understands that defeating an incumbent is always a difficult task whether it’s a mayor, governor or President of the United States.

Following Wednesday evening’s Presidential debate, Moore appeared on MSNBC and was asked, who of those currently running, could defeat Trump. In response, Moore rattled of four people who could win in an election against Trump: Biden, Sanders, Harris and Warren.

However, Moore said that defeating Trump isn’t enough. Instead, the Democrats must “crush him” and said the one person who could absolutely do that was former first lady Michelle Obama.

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