Huh? Cory Booker is tired of debates ‘pitting’ Democrats against one another

it’s fairly common practice for those seeking public office to debate one another. It helps voters get feel out the candidates and their ideas.

Debates are meant to be used in order to draw contrasts between the ideas of candidates. Essentially, voters are able to test out the ideas or “pit” those ideas against one another to find out which one is more pragmatic and closer to their belief system.

However, this behind debates must not have gotten to New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker. Last night the senator made a statement that he was tired of these debates pitting moderates and progressive against one another on the topic of health care.

If that’s truly how he feels and doesn’t want his ideas judged against his fellow candidates, perhaps it’s time for Booker to get off the campaign trail and think about leaving politics altogether.


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