Recapping night one of the Dem debate

Last night’s debate in Detroit went for nearly three hours and tonight’s probably will too. Several candidates stood out from the overcrowded pack, while front runners like Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg failed to impress.

On-going banter among John Delaney, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders was the biggest take-away from the night and at one point, Warren told Delaney he was using Republican talking points.

Author Marianne Williamson offered up some of the oddest soundbites of the evening, walking away as the most searched candidate following the debate according to Google Trends.

She even referred to the President as ” a dark psychic force of collectivized hatred.” HAHA.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg didn’t do too much to stand out from the rest of the field, but did have a couple memorable moments when he criticized Christians for not supporting a minimum wage hike and took a shot at President Trump for not serving in the military.

Are you ready for night two? We’ll have a preview up later today and be sure to check out our podcast where we discuss last night’s debate more in depth and talk about who won and who lost.

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