Dem presidential candidate Delaney slams Warren, Sanders: Why are they scared to debate their plans?

On Tuesday night, the CNN held the first part of the second presidential debate in Detroit.

From their opening statements, the candidates immediately set the tone for the rest of the evening. Former Congressman John Delaney used his two to three-minute opening statement to hit both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders for their plans to provide everything for everyone.

This would be a theme that Delaney would come back to over and over throughout the night. Delaney’s line of attack was most apparent when it came to the discussion of health care. Of course, Warren and Sanders want to do away with private insurance, forcing everyone onto Medicare for All.

Delaney, while still a liberal, showed himself to be more of a pragmatist. He constantly kept asking how Warren and Sanders intended to pay for their policy ideas.

Well, like every other time the two of them are asked, neither had an answer. Instead, they simply attacked, even accusing Delaney using Republican talking points.

Now, Delaney has shot back:

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