Beto: Trump is most racist president since Andrew Johnson

Former Congressman Robert Francis O’Rourke, better known as Beto to his media allies and 10s of supporters, was allowed on the debate stage again Tuesday night.

While he didn’t do say anything too dumb, he didn’t say anything that’s going to help him recapture his stop as someone with an actual shot of winning the nomination.

Oh, he also mentioned to provide all of his answers in English and not sporadically burst in Spanish while giving answers to the moderators’ questions.

On Wednesday morning, appearing on CNN, Beto was asked to grade himself on his performance Tuesday night. Unsurprisingly, O’Rourke was pretty pleased with himself, as he gave himself a congratulatory pat on the back on national TV.

But during his time on CNN, O’Rourke, once again, was able to slip in a “Trump is racist” comment as he called him “the most racist president we’ve had since Andrew Johnson.”

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