VIDEO: Tulsi Gabbard fighting big tech censorship, standing up for free speech

It’s been said that the internet, more specifically social media sites, are today’s public squares. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Google are where people go to find information and express their views on any number of topics.

However, with the enormous amount of people who use these particular websites on a daily basis, these companies hold an enormous amount of power and they just continue to grow. Now, they’ve begun to censor, silence and ban voices, opinions and viewpoints.

Last week, Hawaii Rep. and Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard announced that she was filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Google for censoring her campaign. This week, her campaign released a video in which she calls on all Americans – left, right, moderate, conservative or liberal – to join her in the fight for free speech against these big tech companies.

Check out her video:

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